Trinidad International, now based in Miami, FL, was founded by Jason Trinidad Pucheu in 1995. Named after a family of educators, this educational center was to become one of Chicago’s most respected language schools thanks to its hands on programs. Trinidad International, utilized immersion techniques to enhance the student learning experience. Our satellite Spanish program in Tlaquepaque, Mexico was inaugurated in 2004 to provide more ample opportunities so students achieve fluency levels unlike those of most beginning students. The result? Hundreds of success stories including individuals who acquired their language skills at Trinidad International and later became instructors of the languages they had learned with us. Today, Trinidad International has changed its name as it has become an institution of higher learning preparing students from around the globe to obtain higher degrees. At Trinidad International University, the learning process is still the same as it was when it was a small language school…effective, time efficient and fun! What makes us unique Traditional programs are mostly theory and very little practice. There are two unique aspects of a Trinidad International University (Trini U) education: most of a student’s learning is based on hands-on knowledge acquisition and our program is tailor-made to each individual. The Trini U student is an adult who wants to enhance his or her marketable skills. Students are busy and should not be tied to books and useless, endless assignments. At Trinidad International University, students will sometimes get paid while they are learning. Trinidad International University provides each student with the individualized guidance, flexibility and support that they will need to earn their degree. Credit Towards Graduation Our students can design their own programs that fit perfectly into their busy lives. Life experience or training in the workplace is learning. Online Learning Most students in developed nations have access to technology that allows them the flexibility to communicate and receive information from virtually any place in the world. The Trinidad International University professors work with students individually and in small groups to provide them with ongoing online assistance, instruction and guidance. Life Experience Many Trini U students already have Bachelor’s degrees and work experience. All experiences should be revisited and utilized as tools to build on their current curriculum. Cooperative/Hands-on Learning A person studying to be a chef does not learn how to cook by only reading recipes. The same concept applies to most other careers. Trini U students have the opportunity to learn outside of a traditional classroom where real learning takes place. Traditional classroom instruction time is reduced. For example: nursing majors work at our partner hospitals in Africa, Asia, Europe, and learn first-hand many aspects of medicine. Educators work in schools and learn teaching techniques by practicing at institutions from around the world. These international experiences also allow for our students to learn foreign languages and culture. In real life experience settings, our students also acquire the skills necessary to become successful in the workplace. Work-Study Abroad Programs Trinidad International University’s Educational Services Department offers scholarships for students to help children and adults learn English in various countries around the world. Work Assistance Programs Sometimes teachers are thrown into classrooms a little too soon. Trini U sends talented and experienced teachers to assist the “student teacher.” The observed “student teacher” gets paid, gets help, and earns CREDIT.k