Ethnic Exposure Dance Ensemble, Fiesta Flamenca, and Danza Dominicana

Trinidad International University’s Ethnic Exposure Dance Ensemble offers a glimpse of world cultures through dance. Our dancers of many origins will bring you the excitement and passion of dances from many lands. We are often joined by shining luminaries of the ethnic music and dance world to enhance your experience even further.

“The variety of costumes and the authenticity of the choreography makes this company believable as representatives of each of the countries they portray,” Crescencio Toriz, Barry School in Chicago.

Our powerful dancers bring you the authentic flavors of their homelands. The costumes they have brought with them will help transport you around the world. “Its an honor to be able to present to American audiences the dances I grew up with, good thing I stocked up on costumes and accessories” said La Colorá, a Flamenco dancer who grew up in Seville, Spain.

Salsa I:

Learn the basics of this very energetic Latin dance complete with spinning routines and shines (short dance patterns). Your instructors will help you develop a personal style that will definitely impress the other dancers in Allapattah’s popular Latin clubs. We will introduce styles from Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Colombia. No dance experience required. This is an eight week course that meets once a week.

Salsa II:

In order to join this class, you must understand the timing of the music, as well as the technique in leading and following and basic footwork, dance positions and connections between partners. single right turns, single left turns, cross body leads, and back breaks. Basic men’s and women’s styling will be introduced in this class. This is an eight week course that meets once a week.


We will host events at our school so students can practice their routines. These events will be free for students and $5 for guests.

Latin Jazz Band

Miami is a dynamic, diverse city. The African, European, and Latin American rhythms represented in Latin jazz reflect this colorful demographic. There is a need for Miami’s talented musicians to express themselves artistically. Trinidad International University provides them with the space and tools to make music happen.

More about Latin Jazz

The two main categories of Latin Jazz are Brazilian and Afro-Cuban.

* Brazilian Latin Jazz includes bossa nova
* Afro-Cuban Latin Jazz includes salsa, merengue, son, mambo, etc.

Classical harmonies from the Americas and Europe are also strong influences

Guitar I

This class is designed for the beginner guitar student looking to learn the basics of music notation, chords, picking and strumming technique. Students will be able to harmonize with other students in these group lessons. Students will also learn how to tune the guitar, read chord diagrams and simple chords, as well as strum patterns. This is an eight week course offered once a week. Students may opt to take private lessons as well.