Tai Chi Chuan 1

  • ID: 80

Learn the essential slow, sustained yet energetic movements to help you stay healthy.  Students can release tension and develop discipline skills necessary to be successful in other aspects of their lives.  Classes are available for adolescents and adults and will meet once a week for eight weeks.

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Argentine Tango 1

  • ID: 79

In this eight week course, you will learn how to lead, follow, and to move with your partner.  Enjoy the sounds of the bandoneon as you develop basic dance skills! The fiery tango is a unique dance that requires for each dancer to become familiar with body language.  Individuals without a partner are welcome in…

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Salsa II

  • ID: 78

In order to join this class, you must understand the timing of the music, as well as the technique in leading and following and basic footwork, dance positions and connections between partners. single right turns, single left turns, cross body leads, and back breaks.  Basic men’s and women’s styling will be introduced in this class….

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