Educational Services Department

Trinidad International University’s Educational Services Department provides job placement, scholarships, and grants to Trinidad International University students.
We believe a high quality education should be available to everyone regardless of their income.

Our Educational Services Department offers help with the following:

•Resumes and cover letters
•Interview tips and arranging interviews with employers
• Job fairs
•Identifying job opportunities
*Co-op and Internship placement

Trini U is committed to providing high-value training. We stay in touch with graduates, compiling annual statistics on the number of graduates who find employment in their chosen fields. By doing so, we can evaluate the quality of each degree program.

Need a Job?
Trini U’s students and alumni get job hunting assistance via our job placement program. We specialize in placing English teachers in schools all over the world. We also have part-time placement services for our Miami based students. Culinary students are placed to work at local restaurants and hotels.