English Department

The English Department at Trinidad International University fosters the open understanding of literatures and cultures.

SUMMER OF 2014Teacher
Training and Job Placement
We have designed certificate programs for native international English teachers. Our Educational Services Department works with Trinidad International University students to help them find jobs teaching English abroad. Most of our associates are in Taiwan but our latest job seeker was placed in Singapore. Our program includes a Mandarin Chinese/Chinese culture course, an integrated curriculum course (specific to arts, sciences, and games), and an innovative teaching techniques course. Scholarships are available for students who wish to start making money in Asia in the Fall of 2014. Call Jason, 305 731 1122
English Immersion Program in Miami (ENGLISH MIAMI)
Students from all over the world can experience life in “Sunny Florida” through our English Immersion Program (EIP). EIP provides individuals with the incredible opportunity of learning English in a fun and friendly environment. Our center offers programs that integrate the arts into English language instruction so that our students have a true Miami experience and make connections between what they are learning and their new environment. Course selections include music, dance and culinary arts… all held in English.

Programa de Inmersion en Miami
Aprenda ingles y disfrute de una experiencia inolvidable en la bella ciudad de Miami. Nuestro centro ofrece programas que integran las artes a su leccion. Nuestros cursos incluyen musica, baile y artes culinarias… todo en un ingles basico para que acumulen vocabulario. Al final del programa, les entregaremos un certificado.

English Certificate Program for Foreign students
Our native English professors are available via Skype and will also assist you using our “academic network” (similar to a social network portal). Upon completion of this program, certificate recipients will be able to pass English university entrance exams for Bachelor’s and international Master’s degrees. The program fee for Taiwanese students is NT2,900 per month.

Trinidad 國際文化學院(MCI) 在擁有「陽光之州」之稱的佛羅里達提供台灣學生一個另人難以相信的居住環境與讀書的機會。台灣學生可以靠教美國大學生中文來降低學費。在這邊學生們 也可以學到非常專業的舞蹈教學(像是Salsa、Cha Cha等),我們的音樂課 程以及校外教學也提供了教育、娛樂,兩種方向的選擇。

“Trinidad International University helped Ms. Charlotte Lewis get placed as an English teacher in Singapore. It was an easy process and Ms. Lewis is currently enjoying her new life.”