ENGLISH HOUSE (Classroom Without Walls)

In 1995 Jason Trinidad, M.Ed, Ed.D achieved his dream of opening an English learning center in Chicago whose innovative methodology was based on fun and original activities so that students learn practical language skills quickly. Twenty-two years later his successful center is becoming a university at its new Miami location, ENGLISH HOUSE.

We specialize in teaching the English language through cultural experiences.

ENGLISH HOUSE’s main program, ACADEMIC EXCURSIONS, is designed so that students can practice the English language constantly thus generating confidence when interacting in professional and social environments.
While the teacher is the facilitator of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory experiences or activities, ENGLISH HOUSE learning is centered on the student. This allows the program to be fun and fast.

We also offer language learning centers in Miami and other cities in the United States focused entirely on grammar as a complement to our programs.

ACADEMIC EXCURSIONS includes 48 optional activity dates. These diverse cultural, social, sports and recreational experiences are part of this program, the only one of its kind, in which participants are invited to be involved in an intensely cooperative learning experience. These experiences do not include weekend excursions such as: Orlando theme parks, Kennedy Space Center, Key West, Bahamas cruise, St. Augustine, Savannah, Washington DC, Siesta Key, amongst others.
We present 4 activities:

1. South Beach Scavenger Hunt
Students must complete a series of tasks. They must follow the clues that will lead them to the treasure. This activity is used as a tool to teach the history and architecture of Miami Beach, and is designed to motivate students to interact with residents of the city.

2. Football Academy
We have a commercial agreement with J10 Football Academy, which specializes in technique… (example of basic level instruction: parts of the body and related verbs. Advanced level: general look at the conflict between the city and the investors of the new football stadium). We use the same design with other sports like basketball, volleyball, swimming, skating, diving, etc).

3. Cooking classes:
Thanks to its cultural diversity, Miami offers a variety of exotic dishes from all over the world. The best chefs/teachers who are native English speakers, will teach you their recipes while students of different levels learn measurements, ingredients, related verbs, etc.

4. Bicycle Tours
English House invites you to explore the city of Miami on a tour that passes through interesting areas and neighborhoods. (It is a safe bike ride, going over irregular verbs, history, etc).

ACADEMIC EXCURSIONS tentatively on the following dates:

July,15th to August, 15th/17 (summer)
December, 4th/17 to March, 9th/18 (winter)
(We adjust our schedules to those of each university).

– Application Fee: $35 US
– Academic Excursions weekly fee:
15 hours – $150 US
12 hours – $130 US
09 hours – $120 US
– Private classroom grammar hours: prices vary depending on which school you choose.

ENGLISH HOUSE represents the standard. For example:
1 person – $60 US
2 persons – $30 US (each)
3 persons – $20 US (each)
4 persons – $15 US (each)

The group classes are $10 per hour.

Transportation and Lodging:
Our program and most of our activities are strategically located in places that do not require students to rent cars. The city of Miami has a system of free busses and trains.

Ride sharing companies such as Lyft and Uber guarantee safety and coverage across the entire city.

ENGLISH HOUSE offers its own transport when necessary: airport pick up and drop off, scheduled excursion such as those previously mentioned: Orlando theme parks, Kennedy Space Center, Key West, etc. Our transportation services are optional. Therefore they are not included in prices quoted above.

ENGLISH HOUSE has Casa Trinidad with shared and private rooms. There are also other lodging options including shared and private apartments, hotels, hostels, etc.