Our Leadership

Jason Trinidad Pucheu BIO:

Jason T. Pucheu was raised in both the United States and the Dominican Republic. He never limited himself to either culture; rather, he was always surrounded by people of all ethnic backgrounds. As a child, he worked at his parents’ gift shop where tourists, eager to learn about Dominican culture, visited for long periods of time. He made it his responsibility to play the role of host to visitors. He was fascinated by their cultures and felt he needed to learn their languages in order to communicate with them and exchange culturally relevant information.

In college, he majored in Foreign Languages and Literatures and minored in Dance Anthropology. He thought that by studying languages and the arts he would fulfill his eagerness to learn about different cultures. It was just the beginning of a lifetime of learning.

Since the late nineteen eighties, he had been traveling the world, learning about people’s languages, music, dances, history, politics, etc. He wrote and published travel journals and prepared presentations to share his experiences with others. He organized international events such as “The Annual Ethnic Exposure Dance Festival” and “The Latin Dance Festival” held at the North Lakeside Cultural Center. As Director of Ethnic Exposure Dance Ensemble, he trained dancers, organized and scheduled events, advertised, answered phones, cooked, performed and later cleaned up. Of course, he had a wonderful staff to assist him.


As a public school and Montessori language and social studies teacher, Jason always integrated music, ethnic dances, and technology into his curriculum as a tool to motivate and expose students to language, world history and cultures.  Jason Trinidad Pucheu is one of many educators in his family so when it was time to create an educational organization, it was only logical to name it after his family. He founded Trinidad International Cultural Institute in August, 1995 where he designed curriculum to teach children and adults foreign languages using dance as one of the essential components of the instructional method. He completed his Masters of Education at the University of Illinois in Chicago and presented at nationwide conferences integrating dance into ESL instruction. He also completed his Doctoral coursework at Loyola University in School Policy and Administration.


As Principal of ASPIRA South Middle School, Jason Trinidad Pucheu encouraged teachers to integrate the arts into the curriculum to motivate students.  The arts were used as an instrument to help visual and kinesthetic learners excel academically. The school organized more group performances and competitions as a form of student motivation.  The year was divided into four themes and each semester would culminate in a performance that would promote environmental awareness, caring about cultures from around the world, Hispanic heritage, etc. For the first time in years, students were participating in annual Spelling Bees, Geography Bees, and Science Fairs. They were also involved in educational field trips to help protect the natural environment. Under Jason Trinidad Pucheus leadership, the school implemented traditional method of pull out tutoring, after school tutoring, and to promoted parental involvement by sponsoring educational workshops on weekends and weekday evenings.  He also used grant money to purchase interactive Smart Boards and other technology so that teachers can have the best tools to achieve their academic goals.

During Jason Trinidad Pucheus tenure as Principal, ASPIRA South went from a C to an A grade, the highest rank possible in the State of Florida, was met.  Jason Trinidad Pucheu was a transformational leader who allowed teachers to play a role in the decision-making process. He implemented reading programs designed to increase all students’ skills regardless of their learning style. Thanks to the programs that he instituted, ASPIRAs state examination writing scores soared to the 99th percentile.  ASPIRAs 7th and 8th grade math and science scores were also high.  All this success came from a small school of mostly Hispanic, second language learners.

With all this experience, Trinidad Pucheu felt he was ready to fulfill his lifelong dream.  Trinidad International was ready to train future professionals in an extraordinary way.  As a non-traditional university, the empowered student would participate in the design of his or her curriculum.  There is no time or money to waste.  All programs would be accessible to students from around the world.  Trini Us teacher training programs also helps communities from around the world. With a wide array of scholarship programs, Trinidad International University is the front- runner in higher education with a leadership that really cares about the future of this planet and its people.