School of Fine Arts

Art Residency (Trinidad International University’s ArtLink Gallery, Wynwood)
-Artists from all over the world are invited to hone their skills at Trinidad International University’s ArtLink Gallery in Miami’s premier arts district, Wynwood. Sandra Garcia, a world class artist and sculptor, will oversee the program and work with residents. The program will provide students with nearby housing and will issue a certificate at the end of the session.

The ArtLink Gallery opened in 2010 with the purpose of supporting talented artists, emerging or established, in the different stages of their careers. We welcome emerging talented artists committed to the development and excel of their work, who can benefit from our EEO (Equal Exhibition Opportunity) policy, which allows the artists, not only more exposure, but the interaction with the public through the exchange of experiences, while showing their art and updating visitors about the progress of their production.
Mid career and established artists are also welcome, since they inspire the new generations of artists, and are the bridge to create educational links with the community to foster the dialog and appreciation for art. We are focused on contemporary artistic expressions in different disciplines, and seek for expanding our support creating important exchanges with other national or international galleries in a trustworthy environment where the artist is respected.
We also count with a team of experts in marketing and web design in house, to cover different services that help the artists to be in business without struggling with high rates, but giving them quality and professional advice, besides using our future online resource to reach art lovers worldwide at no cost at all.